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How will you anchor my building?


The installers will take the appropriate anchors depending on your leveled surface. We can anchor on level ground, concrete, asphalt, and wood (depending on local code).

Do I have to get a building permit?


Since it does vary from place to place, our best suggestion is checking with you local township to see if one is required in your area for a metal building.

What is a certified building?


A certified building is professionally engineered to meet or surpass local code for wind and snow. Bracing and anchoring is reinforced to meet the certification needed.


(If your township requires you to acquire a building permit, you MUST purchase a certified building. It will fail inspection if not. If no permit is needed, you have the option to get a certified building or not, even though it is strongly recommended to do so.)

How do I pay for my building?

We take a certain percentage down (typically 16%) and the remaining balance is due upon installation. We are currently working on getting a rent-to-own and financing service.


Are you a dealer or a manufacturer?

We are a dealer for the top manufacturers in the industry who provide the best all around.


How does the ordering process work?

Once we finalize on the perfect building for you, we will be working up an invoice that we will be sending over to you for review and electronic signature. (Don't have an email? No problem! We will physically mail you the invoice!) Once we received the signed invoice back, we will then collect the percentage down and process the order with the manufacturing division. Usually, they follow up with you a couple days after they receive the order to go over it once more to eliminate any room for error. The final step after that is installation. The scheduling department will give you a call typically between 2-4 days before they go out for install so you can make arrangements to your daily schedule if needed.


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